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Thrive 01/31/2017

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This blog has been inactive for quite some time due to several reasons. Being busy is just an excuse but basically, I wrapped my head around so many things and hobbies last year that it seemed like I wanted to do them altogether (which is obviously impossible). However, with the recent events that happened in our family, I would want this to serve somewhat as a chronicle for even the mundane and the simple things in our daily lives. After all, I am a firm believer of Piglet when he said that “It’s the simple things that touch our hearts.”

Since 2014, I spend about a day before the year ends to reflect on what my one word for the incoming year is. It is somewhat a goal-setting activity. I psyche myself about how I will face the coming year. This 2017, I found inspiration from the lotus flower thus leading me to my one word which is: THRIVE.

It is the early part of the year and everything may not be as bright as the sunrise but I would like to live each day on a positive note. If it rains some time along the year, or if the wind blows harshly or if the sun’s rays claim power, I will still brave each day. Support from friends, family and even strangers alike are just around, I know that for a fact. Like the lotus flower which lives in murky waters, I will strive to live and survive. No matter what comes along the way, my heart is strong and my faith is firm. I am able because HE enabled me.


Speck 01/05/2016

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You look through your heart

The greatness of little things

That I grow to love.

The Author 01/04/2016

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Power of Words


I believe in HIM.

Who has written our story

And blessed it with love.

Prism 08/17/2015

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Hey pretty stranger

Your thoughts are rays of color

Filling the silence.

Residue 08/17/2015

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Mem’ries are fleeting

I will chase them all away

’til I’m free from you.

What can you give? How much can you give? 07/31/2015

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“Kung hindi nila kayang ibigay ang hinihiling mo, ikaw na lang ang magbigay ng anumang di nila inaasahang kaya mo pang ibigay.”

-DenS, Hunyo 2009

Hunyo 28, 2009: ang pagsilang nga pinakauna kong Filipino one-liner. Paumanhin lang po sana sa aba kong pagtatangkang isalin ito sa Ingles para sa ibang mambabasa. Aminado akong salat pa ako sa kakayahan ngunit malugod ko pong tatanggapin ang kung sinumang makapagbibigay ng higit na akmang pagsasalin. Sa mga tutulong sa akin, pinauuna ko na ang aking pasasalamat.

(English Translation?)

“If people cannot give what you are longing for, then it is you who must give something they never expected you still can.”

-DenS, June 2009

June 28, 2009: The birth of my first ever one-liner written in Filipino. My apologies for my humble attempt to translate it in English for the other readers. I admit that I still lack the skill to do so but I am gladly welcoming anyone who can provide a more appropriate translation lest I might have lost the whole essence in the process. To anyone who can translate this for me, I thank you in advance.

famILY 07/29/2015

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Mark 3:25,27

“If a family divides itself into groups which fight each other, that family will fall apart. No one can break into a strong man’s house and take away his belongings unless he first ties up the strong man; then he can plunder his house.”

I have been blessed to be part of families with such strong heads.  My family at home, work/office family, and friends whom I treat as family too.  For me, a family is a group of people that I did not chose to belong to but I greely decided to accept and live my life with.  A family is not only bound by blood nor any legal document.

I was blessed with my birthright family.  The family I share the same bloodline with.  There’s nothing else to ask for: parents who go beyond their way to make sure we are well-provided, brothers who treat me like a princess, and there’s more; an extended family which makes me feel so musch loved every single day.

As for my friends, I am blessed in more ways than one too.  Together we nurture each other through life’s lessons, with the real world as our classroom.  It’s worth making mistakes with them because I know we learn the lessons well.

My workmates are my family too.  I’ve been blessed to be with kind-hearted people.  Every office day is something to look forward to because I know I’ll be spending the next 9 hours, or so, of my life with my family, in a place I now call ‘second home’.

Facing life with my SFC family makes each day something to look forward to. With the silly jokes, the “hugot” lines during sharing, and the seemingly endless coffee sessions is worth all the eyebags. There’s just so much love within all of uSSS.

May God’s love continue to pour blessings after blessings upon all these families.

Black and White 11/03/2014

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You can’t hold on to “just” words

Nor can you rely on hope and expectations.

There is no “black and white”

Colors love to be in all sorts and shades.

The world is not cruel. Some truths are.

And if you have trouble accepting that we don’t live in cloud 9,

better choose another planet with nothing in it but just rainbows, butterflies and pots of gold.

But hey, you can’t choose either.

So just deal with it.

Be better and stronger each day.

Paddle Hard 06/28/2014

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the serenity of the lake is not enough

i can risk every ripple just to be closer to you

one paddle at a time.

for me, it’s what true living is.

taking risks, paddling, moving

usually forward

but if time obliges, backwards,

even sidewards, i guess.

an oar i have to paddle

a chance i have to take

a heart i have to let go.

there is nothing to fear

for the gravity of my trust

brings me back

to You and Your love.


For the lovebirds 06/16/2014

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This year, two couples close to my heart finally got hitched.

To two of these girls, the Lord sent messages which I am very much honored to be the bearer of.  Although I cannot restate each message word per word, I hope I’ll capture the essence of it.

Message for girl # 1 (pre-wedding)

Wait for God’s timing because He has set everything for you.  The now is what matters.  He hold your future so worry less about it. His timing is perfect.


Message for girl # 2 (post-wedding)

You are united in Christ. You may not be a perfect woman but you are the perfect wife for an imperfect husband in the same way that he is the perfect husband for an imperfect you. In his times of weakness, fortify him. When he is astray, help him find his way back. And in turn, he will teach you more about life.  He will help you see your strengths and together you’ll nurture each other. In every day, remember to grow in love and faith.


Yey for these two pairs! ❤ ❤ ❤

And as for me, I thank the Lord for allowing me to bear HIS message again.  I found hope in love. And I found love in life.